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Donna Gordon

Donna, a relatively young glassblower, is highly respected for her work and is featured in several galleries across northern Colorado.

Basic Information

Donna’s career began about ten years ago when she started working with glass in the form of lampworking. She initially setup a home studio in her basement to create this form of glassblowing in which the glass is worked at a table or a bench and using a torch.

Shortly thereafter in the fall of 1999, the very talented Donna was drawn to the more complex art of glassblowing called “offhand glassblowing”, which is done by gathering molten glass from a furnace on a punty or blowpipe while using various tools to work and shape the glass. The artist literally uses their breath to bring this molten glass to life.

Location Details

Illustrated Light Gallery
#1 Old Town Square, Suite 103
Suite 103 Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 493-4673