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Rob Rickard

Robert and Jacqueline Rickard have been producing contemporary wall art and clocks for over a decade..

Basic Information

They created many of their iconic designs and developed their vivid color palette while living and working in Taos, New Mexico. Most of their work is made from aluminum, with designs cut into the metal and portions of the surface brushed and textured so that the bright metal contrasts with the patinas and dyes which provide color.

In the Fall of 2012 they moved back to the East coast to be near their children and grandchildren. They now live and work in a former textile mill built in the 1870’s along Fishkill Creek in Beacon, New York.

Their primary focus continues to be the galleries which represent them and exhibit their work to customers across the country. But the relocation has also allowed them to begin creating one-of-a-kind pieces for individual and commercial clients who can now visit the studio and participate in the design process.

Location Details

Illustrated Light Gallery
#1 Old Town Square, Suite 103
Suite 103 Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 493-4673